Important News!

As part of our product line expansion plans, we are changing the name of our transmission control product line to "US", effective immediately. Please note that the web site address for our transmission control products has changed to, and that the old address will soon become inactive.

This is only a product name change, so our company name, ownership, and phone number have not changed, nor has our main corporate web site at Our current transmission control system has been renamed to "US Shift - Quick 1", making it the first product in the new US Shift product line. Please bookmark our new site, and watch for more products in the coming months that will be joining the Quick 1 to create the most complete transmission control product line available.

We are also excited to announce new, lower pricing for our US Shift - Quick 1 controllers. We have reduced the price of our flagship Quick 1 controller to $425. With this new pricing, you can get a Quick 1 controller with a complete wiring harness for as low as $565!

Why Should I Choose US Shift?

When it comes to standalone transmission control systems, there are many choices available. At Baumann Electronic Controls, we are well aware of this, and this is why we left no stone unturned when we embarked on the design of a successor to our popular transmission control system (the "Baumannator") that we sold for over 13 years. With thousands of units and satisfied customers in the field, we knew that any changes we made needed to preserve the things that made us successful, while leveraging the latest in technology and assembly methods to produce the best transmission controller available.

We believe that you will be very pleased with the results of our labor. While the finished product bears little resemblance to our original unit, you will find that our US Shift product line provides a huge advancement in technology and features, while retaining the value and reliability that you have come to expect from our company. We are also committed to our fellow Americans during this tough economic time, so US Shift products are proudly made in the USA, using as many American components as possible.

Industry Experience

US Shift is the result of our 15 years of experience with manufacturing and selling transmission control systems, and our 20+ years of experience with the manufacture of overdrive automatic transmission performance products.

As one of the oldest manufacturers of tunable transmission control systems, we know what it takes to make transmissions survive and thrive in diverse performance and heavy duty applications. We also listen to our customers and know what their needs are. We have applied all of the lessons learned during our 15 years of transmission control experience to US Shift, and have worked hard to deliver the best features with minimal size and cost.


At Baumann Electronic Controls, we are lifelong gearheads, and we also know what it's like to work on a budget. That is why US Shift products are the most cost-effective transmission controllers on the market, with features that are comparable or superior to the highest-priced competitors. US Shift products are designed for the car enthusiast or builder who wants the most modern and dependable electronics, but demands value. We design efficient products while actively controlling overhead and expenses. We work hard to pass these savings along to our customers, because we understand that even the best product is worthless if no one can afford it.

In many cases, the cost of a modern, strong, electronically-controlled transmission and a US Shift system is much lower than the cost of upgrading an earlier, non-electronic transmission to handle the horsepower levels of today's high-performance engines. The GM 4L80E and Ford 4R70W are some of our favorite transmissions and are good examples of units that are nearly bullet-proof in stock form. Power levels are a lot higher today than they were 20+ years ago, and it can be very expensive and risky to upgrade 1980-level technology in an attempt to handle modern torque levels.

The Best Warranty and Support

Baumann Electronic Controls is 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction. We have added staff and made significant investments in this area over the last several years, and we are ready to take your call. With a five-year full replacement / repair warranty, and the best technical support in the industry, you can be confident in choosing our products. We have ample, experienced technical staff to answer your questions and assist you with any problems that you may have. We also take the time to insure that customer's problems are solved, and we always return phone messages left during busy times or after hours.

Superior Performance, Quality, & Durability

Thanks to advanced microcontrollers, optimized circuit design, and innovative assembly techniques, US Shift products feature the smallest size and most useful features of any transmission controller on the market. The modern hardware design and software architecture provide unmatched performance and stability, with plenty of room to support new transmissions and added features in the future, via firmware updates. All US Shift circuitry is conservatively designed to provide high reliability and cool running temperatures, as evidenced by our five-year warranty.

Modern automated surface-mount assembly techniques are combined with traditional hand-assembly methods for components subjected to higher stress levels. This hybrid assembly technique allows us to produce an incredibly small and rugged product, with exceptional quality.

To insure that every US Shift controller performs exactly as designed, each unit is subjected to a rigorous automated structural test of more than 150 electrical parameters before shipment. Rather than simply testing the controller with a simulated drive cycle, while watching outputs turn on and off, each input, output, and functional circuit block is parametrically tested to insure that it performs as designed. This test methodology is similar to those used by OEM automotive suppliers, and catches many problems (such as defective capacitors) that will elude a simple functional-only test, but cause problems later. Our advanced test procedures are one of the main reasons why we enjoy a defect return rate of well under 1% for our controllers.

For maximum durability, our wiring harnesses are constructed from high-temperature, automotive-grade cross-linked polyethylene (TXL) wire, and utilize the correct original equipment connectors for each transmission. All connector pins are crimped using OEM-grade crimp tooling and presses to insure robust and rugged connections.

Simple Installation

The design of US Shift controllers and wiring harnesses is optimized to simplify installation and troubleshooting. Our experience over the years has shown us that the size of our controller and the ease of wiring the system were the main areas that needed improvement. We have addressed both of these issues and many more with the US Shift product line. We also rewrote our installation manuals from scratch to be straightforward, well illustrated, and easy to follow.

Using modern surface mount technology and efficient design, we reduced the cubic volume of our enclosure to less than 1/3 of our original product's size. While all of our competitors are still sporting enclosure sizes similar to that of our old product, US Shift controllers are extremely compact and will fit just about anywhere. Thanks to advances in technology, today's mobile phones are much smaller and smarter than they were in 1997, so it only makes sense to us that our product should follow that same trend.

US Shift wiring harnesses are constructed in modular segments with no internal splices or connections. Each connector on the transmission has a corresponding connector on the controller, and every wire runs straight through from the controller connector to the corresponding transmission connector. The connectors used on our controller are compact, yet they are easy to work with. The open design of the connectors also makes them easy to inspect and probe with a meter.

Our standard wiring harnesses are complete with all OEM connectors, and require as few as three connections to produce an operating transmission. A high-temperature slit-loom covering kit is available for a modest price, or the harness can be supplied with the covering pre-installed, if desired.