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The Ford 6R80 Transmission

The 6R80 transmission will bolt directly to all Modular and Coyote Ford engines and can be adapted to virtually any vehicle combination relatively easily, with a variety of parts available to simplify the transmission swap. It is an excellent choice for a performance upgrade or when swapping from a manual to automatic transmission.

This transmission has been largely avoided or ignored in the past due to a stand alone control system not being available. Now, the Quick 6 makes it possible for you to realize all of the benefits of the 6R80 in your vehicle.

6R80 Transmission Features and Benefits

The Ford 6r80 Transmission

Offers six forward speeds, with gear ratios of 4.17, 2.34, 1.52, 1.14, 0.87, and 0.69:1. The US-produced Ford 6R80 transmission is based on the robust ZF 6HP26 design, which has been used by automakers world-wide for over 14 years. Enhancements were added by Ford to further improve the transmission, including the addition of a ratchet-style low one-way clutch, and removal of the internal TCU for the 2011 model year, easily enabling stand-alone control. The 6R80 has already been field-proven to accept up to 1000HP in stock form, with only ECU tuning. With aftermarket components, the 6R80 will likely handle much more power. Stock applications already employ a multi-plate torque converter clutch, enabling greater power handling in lockup. Despite having 6 forward gears, the transmission is only slightly larger and heavier than light-duty four-speed automatics, such as the 4L60E and 4R70W.

Stifflers cross-member for MustangsStifflers cross-member for Mustangs

This six-speed transmission features an elegant, robust, band-free design that is simpler than most four speed automatic transmissions. It uses five clutch packs and a single one-way clutch to achieve six forward ratios, whereas most four speed units utilize six or more clutches and/or bands, with at least one one-way clutch to achieve four gears. This allows better reliability, better shift quality, and reduced rotating mass.

The gear ratios offer a generous ratio spread of 6.04:1 from first to sixth gear, and the ratios are very close together, rivaling most four-speed transmissions. From second to sixth gear, the ratios are extremely close, providing world-class performance.

There is already a growing ecosystem of swap parts available for the 6R80, including bell housing adapters for various non-modular Ford V8s, with others likely to follow. Stifflers is also producing bolt-in transmission cross-members for Fox body and SN95 Mustang applications, with other applications in the works.

The Quick 6 Controller

The Quick 6 Clutch-to-Clutch Transmission Control System

Click here to learn more about using the Quick 6 to control the 6R80 transmission.

Gear Ratio Comparison

Gear Ratio Advantage

One primary advantage of using a six-speed clutch-to-clutch transmission, like the 6R80, is the tighter gear ratios when compared to traditional four speed automatics. From first to sixth gear, there is a 604:1 ratio spread. This efficiency will not only improve the acceleration and performance of high-horsepower applications, but also make a dramatic improvement when applied to near-stock or mildly-modified vehicles. With six gears, it can better utilize each ratio to get the most efficiency and performance out of your vehicle’s combination.