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Quick 6 and Quick 4 controllers

Upgrading Firmware

At US Shift, we are always striving to improve our products. If you'd like to take advantage of new features offered by the latest firmware, you can send your controller in to us and have it upgraded for free. (You will still need to pay for shipping both ways.) Please allow 2-3 business days for the upgrade process. Before beginning the process, you should check to see what firmware version you have.
With the ignition on (engine off), or the controller plugged into USB power, use the knob to scroll to SrE (Software Revision ID). After a couple seconds, the display will change to the version number in the format "MajorRev.MinorRev.HardwareRev", such as 5.6.3.

Quick 6 Current Firmware Version: 5.7
Quick 4 Current Firmware Version: 5.7
Quick 2 Current Firmware Version: 5.7

If you would like to have your firmware upgraded, please Contact us.