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REVolution Architecture featured in every controller we make.

Designed utilizing sophisticated algorithms specifically for performance applications, US Shift's REVolution Architecture offers groundbreaking features and capabilities that are new to the industry while also providing enhanced shift quality and driveability. With REVolution, your transmission becomes an integral, critical part of your combination, allowing you to maximize its performance using either the Quick 6, Quick 4, or Quick 2 controller. Click on the categories below for more details

Precision Control for Maximizing Power Utilization

These advanced algorithms provide capabilities that were previously not possible with any standalone transmission controller. The level of control and synchronization offered by these features allows the transmission to function as an integral, precision element of your powertrain. The result is maximized potential of your engine's power-band, lowest possible e.t.'s, and the best overall performance from your combination. The Revolution Architecture includes the ability to learn the unique characteristics of your transmission and apply that knowledge to maximize the performance of your combination.

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Countless hours and effort have been devoted to providing the best shift quality and driveability possible from a standalone transmission controller. You now have the ability to make shifts as smooth as possible for light throttle cruising, with vastly improved torque converter clutch scheduling and smoother TCC engagement as well. You can tune the controller to have nice, smooth, quick shifts at light throttle with much firmer shifts at hard-throttle or you can opt to make the shifts firmer or softer across the board. You can also individually adjust the firmness of each shift under all conditions. The sophisticated shift scheduling algorithms provide precisely timed shifts with no hunting or instability.

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Performance Driveability

Not to be confused with regular driveability, which allows your vehicle to function as a reliable commuting vessel or a safe loaner for your Aunt Nellie, performance driveability is a new category of features that allow traditional automatic transmissions to function masterfully in performance driving situations. These new, exclusive features add a level of intelligence to automatic transmission control approaching the intuitiveness inherent in a manual transmission. These features are not available in any other transmission controller and are impossible to achieve with a non-electronically-controlled automatic transmission.
Gone are the immediate upshifts as soon as you snap the throttle shut or the reluctance to downshift when you jab the throttle to 50%. Now, the transmission can respond to your intent by sensing how quickly you depress the accelerator or can avoid an undesirable upshift when you need to momentarily lift the accelerator during a turn, etc. The best thing about these features is that they do not interfere with regular driveability or streetability, which is also vastly improved with the Revolution Architecture. They are all optional and can be disabled if traditional automatic transmission behavior is desired.

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TCC Commander ™

Providing the most advanced TCC control possible was one of the major focus areas of the Revolution Architecture development process. US Shift transmission controllers now provide the most advanced and flexible TCC control options of any standalone transmission controller. Our high resolution data logging capability has proven to be an invaluable debugging tool which made this level of control possible. It is now possible to specify exactly what the TCC will do during a shift and to use completely different strategies for full-throttle versus light-throttle operation. It is also possible to control the TCC graphically with either one pair of on/off graphs for all gears or an individual graph pair for each gear.

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Drag Racing

The items mentioned in the “Precision Control for Maximizing Power Utilization” section are extremely useful for drag racing. Adaptive Shift Point Control provides the most accurate shift points possible, which are compensated for varying engine, weather, and track conditions. The shift points are also consistent, regardless of whether or not the torque converter clutch is used at WOT. This level of shift point accuracy is especially useful for bracket racing, where consistency is of utmost importance. The precise control of TCC operation at WOT is especially useful for maximizing the performance of a combination built to comply with class restrictions.

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The Revolution Architecture includes many novel and exclusive features that make it adaptable to just about any application or need. Rather than being simply a necessity, the Quick 4 controller can add new levels of excitement and performance to your vehicle build that were not previously possible. MULTI-TUNE ™ ™, FLEX-SHIFT ™, and TCC Commander ™ are a few of the exclusive features that help make it happen.

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Excellent product support is one of our biggest strengths at Baumann Electronic Controls. We don't rest until everything is working as intended. We are passionate about our products and want them to deliver everything that they promise. With that being said, diagnostic capability was another strong area of development focus for the Revolution Architecture. If problems do arise, we want them to be resolved with minimal effort and inconvenience.
To that end, we have developed a comprehensive online troubleshooting guide that is unmatched in the industry and is available whenever you need it. We also have greatly extended our built-in diagnostic capabilities with expanded fault detection and reporting capabilities, as well as the best data logging capability of any transmission controller on the market. If answers aren't readily apparent, we can use our advanced data logging capability to peek deep inside your controller and see exactly what is happening.

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Safety and Durability

In our opinion, it is equally important for a transmission controller to protect your investment as it is to shift consistently. We provide every possible tool to mitigate the effects of faults and failures and keep your transmission healthy. Overheating and low line pressure are the two quickest ways to destroy a perfectly good transmission. The Revolution Architecture provides comprehensive tools to warn you of high temperatures and critical faults.
We continuously monitor for transmission slippage, as available sensors permit, and constantly check various sensors for fault conditions. When a potentially damaging fault is detected, the controller commands fail-safe (default) line pressure in order to protect the transmission. We also have several intelligent algorithms that boost line pressure in critical situations to pro-actively prevent slip and protect the friction materials from potential damage.

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Off Road

Our products have always been popular for off road use in four-wheel-drive applications and our new off-road features make a good thing even better. We now have easier methods to compensate for low-range when using a transfer case-mounted speed sensor and we can now support exotic configurations with multiple low range ratios. Our Smart Downshift and OFF-RODE ™ TCC modes extend the usefulness of the manual 1 and 2 ranges in all off road applications, including autocross racing and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

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Monitoring and Control

With the Revolution Architecture, it is easier than ever to see what is happening and to take control of your transmission. We've taken our already popular built-in display with its on-board tuning capabilities and made it even better. Now it's possible to use many of our most popular features without needing to connect external switches to activate them unless desired. You can also see the status of changes to the O/D On-Off, manual mode, 4WD Low, and table select features right from the controller display, thanks to pop-up status-change messages. It is now possible to change the initial display mode of the controller that comes on at power-up for maximum versatility.
Many improvements were made regarding line pressure control, including the ability to adjust line pressure individually for each shift. Line pressure is now adjusted in meaningful units of actual line pressure (PSI).
Finally, our Windows-based Shiftware tuning software has received countless improvements in many areas, including ease of use, flexibility, diagnostics, dashboard, detailed help, and data-logging capability. Shiftware is extremely powerful, easy to use, and flexible, to help you get the most out of your transmission controller.

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Sensor Input Improvements

Sensor inputs are critical to a transmission controller, allowing it to function and make correct decisions. This particular area has also seen many improvements with new options for throttle position sensors, output shaft speed sensors, and input shaft speed sensors to provide better versatility, diagnostics, and control. The new auto-detect option for Ford range sensors also simplifies configuration and setup.

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