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OptiShift is now US Shift

As part of our product line expansion plans, we have changed the name of our transmission control product line to "US". The website address for our transmission control products has changed to and the old OptiShift address will soon become inactive.

This is only a product name change, so our company name, ownership, and contact information have not changed, nor has our main corporate web site BE Our first product in the US Shift line was the Quick 1, which has now been succeeded by the Quick 4. We also have the Quick 6, a controller for six-speed transmissions such as the Ford 6R80, and the Quick 2, which controls the same transmissions as the Quick 4, but intended for simpler projects at a lower price. To stay up to date with US Shift, subscribe to our newsletter.

US Shift Logo

Click here to go to the US Shift homepage.