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REVolution Architecture featured in every controller we make.

Precision Control for Maximizing Power Utilization

These advanced algorithms provide capabilities that were previously not possible with any standalone transmission controller. The level of control and synchronization offered by these features allows the transmission to function as an integral, precision element of your powertrain. The result is maximized potential of your engine's power-band, lowest possible e.t.'s, and the best overall performance from your combination. The Revolution Architecture includes the ability to learn the unique characteristics of your transmission and apply that knowledge to maximize the performance of your combination.

Accushift ™ adaptive shift point control for the most accurate WOT shift points possible *

During initial setup, the US Shift Quick 4 will learn when to shift based on the acceleration and RPM of your specific vehicle. This is initial optimization at its best resulting in the most accurate shift points possible with any controller.

Adaptive TCC timing for precise TCC control at WOT *

The initial setup procedure will also learn the exact response and engagement timing for the torque converter clutch. This data can be used to precisely synchronize TCC apply and release events with shifts so that the torque converter clutch can be used at full-throttle to improve power transfer efficiency and utilization while extending the time spent in the lower gears (due to elimination of torque converter slip) to maximize acceleration.
Since the torque converter clutch can be released during a shift, and because the application of the TCC in the previous gear allowed the vehicle to accelerate to a higher speed prior to the shift, the RPM “gap” between adjacent gears is effectively minimized, allowing the engine to remain in a narrower and more effective portion of its torque curve during WOT acceleration. Releasing the TCC during the shift also allows the combination to make use of the torque converter for torque multiplication during the shift recovery period. Using the TCC in this way at full throttle can increase the post-shift engine RPM by several hundred RPM (depending upon gearing and torque converter).

Single-Shot Adaptive Learning Cycle with Reset Capability *

Consistency is a high priority for any type of racing. Since continuous adaptive strategies (such as OEM adaptive algorithms) can cause inconsistent performance, our controllers do not use any continuously-adaptive strategies at or near WOT. The Revolution Architecture employs a one-time learning strategy that takes the average of the first few hard-acceleration passes after installation. It is important to note that the controller DOES NOT continue to adapt beyond this initial setup and first few runs of your vehicle. The end result is the ultimate in shift accuracy and consistency. If any changes occur in the combination, the adaptive data can be reset and relearned at any time.

( * Feature that is exclusive to US Shift products )