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REVolution Architecture featured in every controller we make.


Countless hours and effort have been devoted to providing the best shift quality and driveability possible from a standalone transmission controller. You now have the ability to make shifts as smooth as possible for light throttle cruising, with vastly improved torque converter clutch scheduling and smoother TCC engagement as well. You can tune the controller to have nice, smooth, quick shifts at light throttle with much firmer shifts at hard-throttle or you can opt to make the shifts firmer or softer across the board. You can also individually adjust the firmness of each shift under all conditions. The sophisticated shift scheduling algorithms provide precisely timed shifts with no hunting or instability.

Individual shift firmness control

Each shift now features an independently-adjustable line pressure curve which allows you to dial in the exact shift firmness you want at every throttle position. You can also adjust static line pressure (the line pressure used when no shift is occurring), as well. Unlike most other controllers out there, line pressure is now adjusted in real-world units of pressure (PSI), so tuning is now intuitive and meaningful.

Improved torque converter clutch scheduling

As seen in the TCC Commander ™ section, improved TCC control was a major focus area of the Revolution Architecture development process. TCC control options now provide unprecedented flexibility for light throttle driveability as well as heavy-throttle acceleration optimization.
The “Basic Cruise Mode” can be used if you only desire a simple and easy to use way to employ the TCC as a tool to save fuel and lower transmission temperatures under cruising conditions. If more advanced control is needed, our advanced options and algorithms are unmatched by any other standalone transmission controller. With either option, stability and driveability are excellent.

TCC Engagement Smoothness

Thanks in part to our new high resolution data logging capabilities, extensive research and development has been devoted to improving TCC engagement smoothness at light throttle while providing vastly improved tuning options to tailor TCC engagement feel to your application and personal tastes.