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REVolution Architecture featured in every controller we make.

TCC Commander ™

Providing the most advanced TCC control possible was one of the major focus areas of the Revolution Architecture development process. US Shift transmission controllers now provide the most advanced and flexible TCC control options of any standalone transmission controller. Our high resolution data logging capability has proven to be an invaluable debugging tool which made this level of control possible. It is now possible to specify exactly what the TCC will do during a shift and to use completely different strategies for full-throttle versus light-throttle operation. It is also possible to control the TCC graphically with either one pair of on/off graphs for all gears or an individual graph pair for each gear.

New "top gear" TCC mode *

Essentially a "cruising" mode, this convenience feature provides TCC lockup only in the highest gear available based on the current gear selector lever position and/or overdrive cancel switch status. This feature is most useful for people who only wish to use TCC in cruise mode or to emulate a “fifth gear”. It is also possible to use “top gear” mode for light throttle operation while employing a totally different mode for WOT or near-WOT operation. If you only wish to use TCC for cruising in top gear, then the “Basic Cruise Mode” selection is a quick and easy way to accomplish this.

TCC Sync ™ *

Unlike other standalone transmission controllers on the market, US Shift controllers featuring Revolution Architecture provide three different action options for the torque converter clutch during an upshift event. These options can be set separately for light throttle and WOT (>50% throttle). First, the clutch can be released during the shift with the release precisely synchronized with the shift event to prevent a harsh shift or an undesirable "flare" effect. (This is most useful for WOT operation.) Alternately, the TCC can be modulated during the shift to a holding pressure that will allow the clutch to slip slightly during the shift. This is great for part-throttle operation because it retains the advantages of an engaged TCC, but without the typical side effect of harsh shifts. Finally, the torque converter clutch can be left fully engaged during the shift (which is very popular with some racers). The only caution is that this can cause impact damage to the transmission and this option can be especially harmful if the transmission is configured to provide excessively firm shifts.

Superior WOT TCC control *

Unlike any other transmission controller on the market, the US Shift Quick 4 is able to maximize power utilization by synchronizing the Torque Converter Clutch with each individual shift as seen in the “Precision Control for Maximizing Power Utilization” section above. The result is a full range of TCC control available to the user and the most power-efficient shifts possible.

TCC control via input shaft speed (turbine) rpm instead of mph

Yet another feature based on accuracy as it relates to Torque Converter Clutch control. Actual converter input shaft speed (turbine) is more relevant than vehicle speed when determining and adjusting TCC behavior since it indicates what the engine speed will be once the engagement is complete.

( * Feature that is exclusive to US Shift products )