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REVolution Architecture featured in every controller we make.

Performance Driveability

Not to be confused with regular driveability, which allows your vehicle to function as a reliable commuting vessel or a safe loaner for your Aunt Nellie, performance driveability is a new category of features that allow traditional automatic transmissions to function masterfully in performance driving situations. These new, exclusive features add a level of intelligence to automatic transmission control approaching the intuitiveness inherent in a manual transmission. These features are not available in any other transmission controller and are impossible to achieve with a non-electronically-controlled automatic transmission.
Gone are the immediate upshifts as soon as you snap the throttle shut or the reluctance to downshift when you jab the throttle to 50%. Now, the transmission can respond to your intent by sensing how quickly you depress the accelerator or can avoid an undesirable upshift when you need to momentarily lift the accelerator during a turn, etc. The best thing about these features is that they do not interfere with regular driveability or streetability, which is also vastly improved with the Revolution Architecture. They are all optional and can be disabled if traditional automatic transmission behavior is desired.

Lift Delay *

When the throttle is released to 13% or less and an upshift is requested as a result of the release, a user-selectable delay (in seconds) is added before the transmission will shift into the next gear. Stepping back into the throttle will cancel the delay and restore normal operation. This is useful during certain driving and traffic conditions, such as making a tight turn right after taking off or lifting the throttle to control wheelspin where an unwanted upshift can be a nuisance. This delay can be set to values between 1 and 16 seconds or can be deactivated if not wanted. This setting can be found in the Miscellaneous tab of the settings window.

OD Delay *

OD Delay is similar to Lift Delay, but applies to the shift into Overdrive when operating at less than 40% throttle and is not affected by throttle lift. This delay can be set to values between 4 and 40 seconds or can be deactivated if not wanted. This setting can be found in the Miscellaneous tab of the settings window.

Ballistic Throttle Effect *

This feature actually calculates the amount of time it takes to reach a certain throttle position and boosts the timing of shift points based on accelerator pedal application rate. When this feature is activated, your transmission will downshift more readily and will hold the current gear longer if you apply throttle quickly. The level of ballistic effect can be adjusted to one of four different levels or it can be disabled. The rate at which it fades away can also be adjusted anywhere from about five seconds to several minutes.
When the longer fade rates are selected, the ballistic effect functions as more of an adaptive response to aggressive driving, whereas shorter rates function to provide a quick request for a more aggressive downshift and/or delayed upshifts. These settings can be found in the Throttle Position Sensor tab of the settings window.

Slow throttle release for shift point control *

This feature causes the shift point control pointer to drop no faster than a predetermined rate when the throttle is reduced or closed. Much like Lift Delay, the effect of this feature is to prevent undesired upshifts if the throttle is released momentarily before being reapplied.
The mechanism is different than Lift Delay in that the effect is generally more subtle and is intended to operate for a shorter term. This feature can be used in conjunction with Lift Delay, if desired, but if both of these features are set to larger time settings, then excessively delayed upshifts may result. The rate at which the shift point control pointer releases can be adjusted to anywhere from about 2 to 8 seconds or can be disabled for immediate release. This setting can be found in the Throttle Position Sensor tab of the settings window.

( * Feature that is exclusive to US Shift products )