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REVolution Architecture featured in every controller we make.


The Revolution Architecture includes many novel and exclusive features that make it adaptable to just about any application or need. Rather than being simply a necessity, the Quick 4 controller can add new levels of excitement and performance to your vehicle build that were not previously possible. MULTI-TUNE ™, FLEX-SHIFT ™, and TCC Commander ™ are a few of the exclusive features that help make it happen.


Yet another feature providing you with options. Instead of the 2 calibration tables provided by other controllers, the Revolution Architecture allows you to have up to 4 pre-loaded shift calibration tables ready to be activated on the fly. Versatility is further increased because several different signals can be utilized (and sometimes combined) to switch between calibration tables. The Overdrive On/Off switch, 4WD low range status, the front panel of the controller, or an external switch can be used as table selection signals.


We started with the familiar concept of an overdrive cancel or manual mode switch and took it a few steps further. On Ford applications, an external switch is typically employed to disable overdrive while in the drive range. The Revolution architecture adds the ability to reassign the function of shifter quadrant positions (ranges) based on the status of an optional external switch (subject to the limitations of the valve body's hydraulic circuits). This ability allows for a novel remapping of positions that is just not possible with other products.
For Ford applications, this means that the overdrive-off mode can be re-mapped to a full manual (P, R, N, 3, 2, 1) mode. It is also possible to have three modes (O/D On, O/D Off, and full manual).
For GM transmissions with 7 selector positions, there are even more possibilities. With no external switch needed, the shifter positions can be remapped to P, R, N, O/D, 3, 2, 1, for auto/manual hybrid operation, or a “Manual Mode” switch can be added to allow selection of either the conventional P, R, N, O/D, D, 2, 1 pattern or an optional P, R, N, 4, 3, 2, 1 full-manual pattern.
No longer do you need to choose between a full manual valve body and automatic operation. You can now switch between the two on-the-fly. If this feature is not desired, it can be disabled for normal OEM-style range assignments (shifter quadrants).

Extremely flexible TCC operation *

As seen in the “TCC Commander ™” section, The US Shift Quick 4 provides the most versatile Torque Converter Clutch control options of any transmission controller available. You determine what the TCC does based on your vehicle, driving conditions, and personal preference.

Metric support *

The Quick 4's internal display and tuning software can be changed to Kilometers per hour, Celsius, etc.

( * Feature that is exclusive to US Shift products )