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REVolution Architecture featured in every controller we make.


Excellent product support is one of our biggest strengths at Baumann Electronic Controls. We don't rest until everything is working as intended. We are passionate about our products and want them to deliver everything that they promise. With that being said, diagnostic capability was another strong area of development focus for the Revolution Architecture. If problems do arise, we want them to be resolved with minimal effort and inconvenience.
To that end, we have developed a comprehensive online troubleshooting guide that is unmatched in the industry and is available whenever you need it. We also have greatly extended our built-in diagnostic capabilities with expanded fault detection and reporting capabilities, as well as the best data logging capability of any transmission controller on the market. If answers aren't readily apparent, we can use our advanced data logging capability to peek deep inside your controller and see exactly what is happening.

Comprehensive online Troubleshooting Guide *

This fully-illustrated step-by-step troubleshooting guide is unique in the industry and covers as many conditions as possible. We are constantly updating this resource to insure that it is as complete and accurate as possible. Consisting of several hundred web pages of diagnostic procedures, this 24/7 resource is available even while everyone at BEC is sound asleep.

Diagnostic line pressure override control *

This special diagnostic mode allows you to manually adjust commanded line pressure from the controller's display and compare it to the actual pressure as read by a gauge. This feature is extremely useful for diagnosing transmission slip or line pressure rise concerns and can be used to verify proper operation. In order to protect against inadvertent use of this mode, a special entry sequence must be followed to activate it.

Open speed sensor detection *

This feature measures the resistance seen at the speed sensor input terminals when no output or input shaft speed signal is present in order to determine if the vehicle is actually stopped or if the speed sensor input circuit is open. If no continuity is detected in the speed sensor circuit, a fault code will be set. This feature will be disabled for speed sensor types that cannot be tested to prevent false error detection.

TCC and transmission slip detection with fail-safe pressure activation

Extensive diagnostic slip detection, including fail-safe line pressure if slip is detected, is yet another feature designed to save your transmission. Slip errors are tracked independently for each gear and separate fault codes are also set if slip is detected more than twice in a drive cycle or if slip continued after fail-safe line pressure was commanded.

100hz high-resolution data logging *

Tune, troubleshoot, and monitor with the best data logging capability of any transmission controller. Fifty or more different operating parameters can be logged simultaneously at a rate of 100 samples per second. This same powerful tool was used to perfect the design of the Quick 4 controller and can be used to perfect your tune or monitor the performance of your vehicle. It can also be used to verify the performance of transmission builds on a transmission dyno.

Descriptive controller fault display diagnostic messages in tuning software *

If a fault code displays on your controller, connect it to your laptop PC for a detailed description of possible issues, removing a lot of troubleshooting guesswork. Includes full fault history from current power cycle.

( * Feature that is exclusive to US Shift products )