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REVolution Architecture featured in every controller we make.

Off Road

Our products have always been popular for off road use in four-wheel-drive applications and our new off-road features make a good thing even better. We now have easier methods to compensate for low-range when using a transfer case-mounted speed sensor and we can now support exotic configurations with multiple low range ratios. Our Smart Downshift and OFF-RODE ™ TCC modes extend the usefulness of the manual 1 and 2 ranges in all off road applications, including autocross racing and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Dedicated 4WD low range compensation mode supporting multiple low ranges, different speed sensor configurations, and multiple input options *

A feature tailor made for serious off-roaders and rock crawlers, the US Shift Quick 4 utilizes multiple factors in calculating output shaft speed, providing you with the ability to select low range without the need for software or controller adjustments. If the output shaft speed signal is measured after the transfer case, the low range ratio can be compensated for in order to provide the correct shift points. This feature will even work with multiple low range ratios as provided by multiple transfer cases, crawler boxes, or an exotic transfer case (such as an Advance Adapters Atlas unit).

OFF-RODE ™ TCC mode for manual ranges *

Allows a true manual transmission-style experience and better control for rock crawling, autocross racing, and more. You don't have to sacrifice instant low speed throttle response and engine braking just because you're using an automatic transmission when it's operated by the US Shift Quick 4 controller. TCC can also be disabled in the manual ranges if a more traditional automatic transmission experience is desired.

Smart Downshift *

In the manual low range, this feature allows a higher-speed downshift to manual first gear while under power. This feature overrides the normal maximum 2-1 downshift speed setting. The maximum downshift speed setting is an important safety feature that is intended to prevent loss of control due to skidding when downshifting to manual first gear at closed throttle. When under power, however, this downshift can be safely executed at higher speeds without any danger of sliding the drive wheels.

( * Feature that is exclusive to US Shift products )