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REVolution Architecture featured in every controller we make.

Monitoring and Control

With the Revolution Architecture, it is easier than ever to see what is happening and to take control of your transmission. We've taken our already popular built-in display with its on-board tuning capabilities and made it even better. Now it's possible to use many of our most popular features without needing to connect external switches to activate them unless desired. You can also see the status of changes to the O/D On-Off, manual mode, 4WD Low, and table select features right from the controller display, thanks to pop-up status-change messages. It is now possible to change the initial display mode of the controller that comes on at power-up for maximum versatility.
Many improvements were made regarding line pressure control, including the ability to adjust line pressure individually for each shift. Line pressure is now adjusted in meaningful units of actual line pressure (PSI).
Finally, our Windows-based Shiftware tuning software has received countless improvements in many areas, including ease of use, flexibility, diagnostics, dashboard, detailed help, and data-logging capability. Shiftware is extremely powerful, easy to use, and flexible, to help you get the most out of your transmission controller.

Built-in display and tuning interface * **

Allows for monitoring of critical parameters, such as transmission temperature, vehicle speed, throttle position, etc. directly from the controller. It is also possible to make many tuning and configuration changes via the built-in tuning interface. The brightness of the built-in display has also been enhanced for easier viewing in bright sunlight.

Ability to change O/D status, 4WD status, or calibration table selection directly from controller display or via external switches *

Using the control knob, which doubles as a push button for selection, changes can be made directly from the Quick 4 while viewing the status on the built-in display. If you prefer to use external switches, detailed wiring instructions are provided.

Controller display of mode changes, such as O/D On, O/D Off, 4WD Low, Table Select, etc *

The Quick 4 will momentarily show these mode changes on its display when a change occurs. This feature will be active whether the control knob or external switches are used to make a change.

Ability to set default (start-up) display screen *

The Quick 4 allows you to choose any of the following items to be shown on its display when it powers up:

  • Status mode (PRNDL/current gear)
  • Vehicle speed
  • TPS voltage
  • Transmission temperature
  • Engine RPM
  • Vehicle battery voltage
  • Commanded line pressure in PSI
  • Current selected table
  • OFF (display disabled)

The display screen mode can easily be changed after power-up by turning the control knob, as well.

Improvements in tuning software, increased ease of use, and extensive additions to the help section

Easy to use graphical interface including shift points, line pressure, and TCC firmness, as well as TCC engagement, release, and modulation. Get help in any area of the software by clicking the question button and then clicking the item. Help messages are written more like professional advice than standard help tips.

Line pressure now controlled in real-world units of PSI *

Instead of arbitrary units of solenoid current, you will view actual line pressure in units of Pounds-per-Square Inch (PSI), comparable to a mechanical gauge, on your display and in the graphical interface of the tuning software. Line pressure is also compensated for temperature and voltage to enable consistent shift quality.
Please note that the line pressures displayed are typical for stock applications and will not reflect any pressure increases caused by valve body, line pressure regulator, or boost valve changes. Such changes, however, will only increase the line pressure above the displayed value, adding an additional margin of safety to the transmission.

Individual line pressure control for each shift to improve shift quality

You're no longer limited to an across-the-board line pressure tuning graph. Increase or decrease pressure for each individual shift to achieve perfect shift quality under all loads and conditions. Shifts can be as smooth or as firm as you wish.

Vastly expanded dashboard monitor in tuning software

Tuning software displays the following in real-time:

  • Current vehicle speed
  • Output shaft RPM
  • Output shaft speed acceleration rate
  • Engine RPM
  • Tachometer acceleration rate
  • Current input shaft RPM
  • Calculated input shaft RPM
  • Current transmission slip RPM
  • Current torque converter slip RPM
  • Elapsed time since controller start-up
  • TPS voltage
  • TPS % of WOT
  • TPS rate of change
  • Boosted TPS value for shift point control
  • Transmission fluid temperature
  • Currently selected transmission range (shifter position)
  • Current gear being command by controller
  • Shift signal flags
  • Response time of last completed shift
  • Duration of last completed shift
  • Commanded line pressure in PSI
  • Torque Converter Clutch status
  • Torque Converter Clutch duty cycle
  • Response time of last completed TCC engagement
  • Duration of last completed TCC engagement
  • Vehicle battery voltage
  • Currently selected calibration table

Most of these parameters are also available for high-speed data logging.

( * Feature that is exclusive to US Shift products )

( ** Existing feature from Quick 1 )